I Just Wanna Be French – Max Navarre NYC 1981

My good friend Max Navarre, who I knew as a fellow waiter at The Landmark Tavern in NYC during the early 1980s, always wanted to be a cabaret singer. So he hired a kick-ass band (yup that’s me on bass), made some recordings and played some gigs at Tramps (a cabaret in Manhattan). I found this old cassette tape and was inspired to make this video from the recording. Viva La France!

New Album

Click on image for info/videos/lyrics/music for the album, Pianos. Strings and Things

Cloud Diva

As I was playing this on piano I felt like I was in the clouds. The music, Promenade Sentimentale, composed by V. Cosma, is from the French movie Diva (1981). I arranged it for piano, bass and pedal steel guitar. The extraordinary video is of cumulous clouds over the Swiss Alps before sunset (by Jens Bydal).

A Vida Na Lagoa

This is a song I wrote that describes the crazy fantastic life in Lagoa, a small town on the island of Florianopolis, Brazil, where I stayed many times. The photos are of the people and wonders I experienced there. (2011/2012).

The Love I Have For You

I saw Alberta Hunter in the late 70s in NYC, heard this song, and never forgot it. I worked up this arrangement for voice, piano, bass, drums, muted trumpet, and singing saw. I hope you like it.

Return of the Winnie

A long-lost relic from the past. Bill Reynolds, Robert Winston, Dana Johnson and I are the instigators of this dusty nugget. We made it for a speech project in high school over 50 years ago. Bill found the super 8 footage and we resuscitated it as best we could. To our astonishment we got an A on this project even though not a word is spoken. Credits: Cinematography – Bill Reynolds; Sound Design – Jim Clifford; Monster – Robert Winston; Hitchhiker – Jim Clifford; Hunter – Dana Johnson