Piano Pieces


BIKES – My first composition for solo piano 1980. I was living in midtown NYC and had a bike I rode as my main means of transportation. Some nights my friend Max Navarre and I would ride at full speed through Central Park. It was quite exhilarating and a wonderful kaleidoscope of the senses.

PROCESSIONAL – I used this theme from a song I wrote as a late-night, smoke-filled club, jazz trio for a project that I was involved in with Dave Kapell, Tom Schroeder and Dave Herr back in 1991 and recorded it in May 2020 on solo piano.

WHISTLE SONG WALTZ – This is a piano version of a song I wrote for guitar and whistling which appears on Difficult Loves, a musical project from 1993, with Dave Kapell, Tom Schroeder and Tim Behm.

SAGUARO SUNSET – Inspired by riding on horseback through the desert in Arizona surrounded by saguaro cactus, ocotillo, hawks, and Spring blossoms.

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